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Updated to version 2.1.0!

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In the present time, when we talk about playing a game on a mobile device, then PUBG Mod APK is a game whose name comes first. There is hardly any Game Lover who may not have heard of this game, or else everyone wants to play this game. If you are on this page, you will also want to play this game and download PUBG Mobile Mod APK on your device.

If yes, then our article will be handy for you because below, we have shared the latest Pubg Mobile games in this article, which will be quite romantic for you.

Pubg APK is only one game included in the top list of action games, which is seen on the mobile of every game lover today. But in this original game application, the gamer enjoys playing it with some limited features. But if you play by installing the Download Pubg Mobile Mod APK from our website on your phone, you will get to see many other features that make it quite romantic.

pubg mod apk

When we talk about PUBG, almost everyone knows about it, which is currently entirely closed by the Indian government in India, but from the Pubg Mobile games for Android, we will share it on our website. Right now, most game lovers are unknown. You will be unaware of this, and then you have come to this page of our website.

But now you do not have to worry because below we have learned how to download this app, what are the features given in it, we will share all the information that proved very useful for you as a game lover.

So Friends, if you want to download and play this Pubg Mobile APK on your device, then you should read our today’s article carefully you. You can quickly get all the information about it and download it and play it on the device. So let’s know –

What is PUBG Mod APK

Pubg Mod APK is an Action Game Application whose full name is PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS. This game is also known as Multiplayer Royal Battle Game. This game application has been created by PUBG Corporation, Krafton, Tencent Games, and Bluehole on 30 July 2016. PUBG games are the most popular game today; if you talk about its popularity, then within one year after the launch of this game, it was downloaded to more than 100+ million devices, the highest number of downloading game applications.

Most lovers of Pubg are found; this game is found on the mobile of every game lover because this game’s features like Graphics, Sound Quality attract any game lover. In fact, given the game feature, if any game lover takes it one game later, he cannot stop himself from playing it again.

The good thing about this game is that PUBG For PC, Mac, Windows, iOS Android is available for everyone, meaning it can be downloaded and played on every device.

But at present, the PUBG Games have been banned. Due to this, the game lovers are not playing this game anymore. But you don’t have to worry about it. If you still want to play this game, we have shared the Pubg Mobile on our website, which you can download from the given link and play on the device.

Pubg Mobile Mod APK

Pubg Mobile Mod APK is a hack hybrid created by some unknown creators by hacking the feature of its original app, which is becoming very popular among the youth today. In this hack version, you get unlimited health, unlimited UC, and unlimited money, which makes this game even more enjoyable.

As of now, if you, as a gamer, bump into one of your enemies or get shot, then your life is reduced. Still, now in the download for Pubg Mobile games, it is not that if your enemies are shot by the bar, it affects your health, so now you can get unlimited health to heal your health from here and start fighting with enemies again.

If you want to play it with the best feature, you must download it from our website. The entire download process is shared below.

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How to Download PUBG Mod APK

Pubg Mod APK, which is at the top of the list of action games, is a top-rated game in India or the country and in many countries across the world, which is being downloaded on more than 500 million devices so far. Mainly the youth of today are crazy to play this game. If you also want to play it, you will be able to download it from our website. However, you will not get to download it on the play store.

But you do not have to worry because below, we have shared the download Pubg Mobile link on our website, along with the complete process of downloading it, step by step, which you can easily follow on your device. You can download and play it.

To download this game, you have to click on the link given below the website.

  • Clicking on the download link will start downloading it to your mobile device.
  • After the download process is complete, you can check it by going to your mobile app download folder.
  • After the download process is complete, you will have to install it on your mobile device, which you will learn about below.
Download PUBG Mobile Mod APK 2021

PUBG Mobile Mod APK

Version 2.1.0
File size 1.3 GB
App by Tencent Games
Category Action
Installs 100,000,000+
Telegram Link
Features UC, Royale Pass & Wallhack
Last updated Today

PUBG Mod APK Features

You can know more about which features you are going to get in this PUBG Mod APK game.



Every gamer who plays a game means to play five wins in this game, but it is not easy. But it has been made accessible in Pubg Mobile. Yes, in this game, you have been hacked feature of the wallhack, which means that as a gamer, the enemies in this game hiding behind the wall are plotting to kill you; now you can easily see them. Can shoot them.



If you play this hack hybridization of PUBG, then you will not have to work hard to kill your enemies here because this hack version has the option of auto-aim. Using this you can shoot yourself on seeing the enemy.

The unlimited US

Since this is an action game, and here you have many enemies who are ready to kill you. And to face them as a game, you need a gun, ammo, bullet, etc., and all these UC is most needed to obtain weapons. Keeping this in mind, pub publishers have added unlimited UC features to it. This means that you can now get a gun, bullet, and ammo to fight enemies by getting unlimited UC here and quickly becoming a game-winner by killing enemies.

Realistic Weapons

This action-packed game is quite romantic; here, you also get various types of weapons like guns, bullets, cars, bikes, planes, and boats to fight the enemies in its original version.

How to Install PUBG Mobile Mod APK

It is effortless to install this game application on the device. Just like installing other critical mobile applications, it can easily install on the device and enjoy the game by playing it. How to install Pubg Mobile Mod APK, you can follow the below step –

  • From the link given above, first, you have to download Pubg Mobile Mod APK for Android on your mobile.
  • Now you have to go to the mobile device settings and turn on the unknown source from there.


  • Now you have to go to the mobile app download folder.
  • Once you get to the folder, here you will find the download folder of this game. On top of this, you have to click.
  • After clicking on the download link, you will install it on your mobile in a while.
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can open it and start the game.


There is a question in the PUBG Game Player’s mind, how do we win dinner chicken, which makes the pubg player very happy? If he wins dinner chicken, then he is interested in the game well. , Because dinner chicken is won only then.

When he kills all enemies, then the game is won, and dinner is chicken; any question you have related to this can ask us in the direct comment or answer some of our questions below. You can find out, by the way, that we have given the answers to all the questions related to the pubg game below.

How to download the Pubg mobile mod apk game?

Downloading the Pubg mod game is very simple because all you have to do is visit our website and search for the pubic game; open the post and click on the download button and download it directly; you download this content game easily. It is effortless to set up, and you have to set up the obb file and apk file separately.

Is this the pubg hack version?

Yes, friends, there is no need to worry, you must be nervous, whether there is a pubg crack version or not, then I am telling you, there is only the Pubby Hack version, in which you get unlimited UC and Royal Passes for all free of cost. Because this PUBG game has been thoroughly hacked, unlocking all the premium options, you will also be able to win the Royal Pass.

Can pubg games be played offline?

No, everyone has a question that PUBG mobile games can be played offline, but let me tell them, this is an online multiplayer game; the game can be played online only through the internet because this game There is multiplayer, which is why the online service itself plays this game. If you want to play this game offline, the game cannot play, so you need to connect to the internet or WiFi very much.

How do Pubg mobile games play alone and with two to 4 people?

In today’s time, four people are also playing the PUBG game, and if you want to play the PUBG game by forming a group, you will be pleased. If you are alone and do not want to play in groups, then you have to use the Solo option. Can play the game alone. If you play two humans together, you have to use the double option. Similarly, if three people want to play together, use option three to play a game of PUBG in three groups.

Final Touch

Today’s post has been written with a lot of hard work and using the mind. If you download the pubg mod apk game from this website now, you can also live unlimited money means royal pass.

If your public game ever gets an update, you should never update it from the Play Store. If you update it from the Play Store, your account will be closed. Meaning that there may be restrictions. To update, you have to come to our website again to update the pubg mobile game, and you can update this game in the latest version.

Because pubg mobile is completely hacked, through our website, you can come and download this website for free, and you can download all the games of your choice on this website. If you like this post, then share it as much as possible on social media with your dear friends.

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