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App Name My Cafe
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Version 13.0.2
ID com.melesta.coffeeshop
MOD Info Unlimited Money

You’re in luck if you’re looking to download the My Cafe MOD APK. As soon as you click the button, the most recent version of this mod may be downloaded from our servers. This mod bursts at the seams with distinctive elements guaranteed to catch your eye and bring you back for more. You may purchase a variety of various décor, as well as brand-new equipment and furnishings when you download this mod to make your café stand out from the competition truly.


The game is highly exciting, but before you start, ensure you have an Android or iOS smartphone. There is no use in downloading if you don’t have one of these platforms because you can only obtain it for free on them. Additionally, you must have a strong Internet connection for the game to function correctly.

About My Cafe Mod APK

A restaurant simulation game by Natsume is called My Cafe Mod Apk. Currently, Android smartphones may access the game in the United States and the Philippines. In this simulation, you play the role of the head chef of a café. Your objectives are to draw customers in, keep them there with delectable cuisine, and ensure that your staff is doing their duties. While you must maintain client satisfaction, you must also care for your team by allowing them time off when they are worn out or in need.

My Cafe APK

Since items frequently appear on the counter, customers may occasionally want multiple items. The visuals are excellent, it’s simple to understand what has to be done to serve guests swiftly, and I appreciate how everything blends together to give the impression that you are genuinely managing a cafe.

Overall, the game is a terrific restaurant simulation game that does a great job of immersing you in the world of managing your cafe. It has many small features that make it seem more authentic than some other comparable games, making it entertaining and addicting to play.

Bast Game:

Speak with those who have a similar interest

For instance, you may mention our side items like curly fries or onion rings to someone who requests a sandwich with fries. If someone asks for a drink, we can discuss our assortment of milkshakes and sodas, but try not to overload them right immediately. Having experience in the kitchen will give you an advantage.

Likewise, the game only requires you to drag & drop your components into one another, depending on what you’re cooking. Although it’s not too difficult to understand, there is a detailed in-game manual that I strongly advise reading if you encounter any difficulties.

Meet individuals from across the world

After you’ve finished serving a customer, click Play Again and select one of the nations from the list below to begin taking on new clients. Depending on your area, you can unlock recipes and earn money. The following country becomes more affordable with each new one that is opened. But take care, regardless of where you are in the globe, you risk losing your job if things don’t go well at work.


This might be extremely difficult in more costly nations where you have to service more clients merely to pay your rent. Keep a watch on everything and try not to perform too many favors (you are paid less for each), even if you want to help people out. If things go incredibly wrong, you lose your job and some of your money, so keep an eye on everything.

offers countless hours of enjoyment

Even when it seemed like things were getting repetitive, we kept playing the app because it was so much fun. The game should be on your list if you’re searching for something to keep you occupied for a few days or weeks. Now and then, we played for many hours at a time.

A fun approach to improving arithmetic abilities

Even though the game lacks a plot or anything else that is more complex, we still found it to be a lot of fun. The game is just a glorified form of counting practice with a few extra bells and whistles that we found to be effective in keeping things interesting.

The game is unquestionably worth a try for those who appreciate games like Cooking Dash Cafe World and others with similar principles. Nothing innovative can be found here, but it is entertaining and challenging, and there are many possibilities for improvements, which is always pleasant.

Download the My Cafe MOD APK

You must first root your phone to install this mod. You’ll need a tool and application like KingoRoot to accomplish this. To root your phone, download KingoRoot and adhere to the instructions. Unknown sources may appear as a warning when you launch My Cafe MOD APK. Open down to Unknown Sources and enable it to fix this. The pop-up notice will ask you to click OK to exit Settings.

Open KingoRoot now, and if any updates are available, you may download them to continue rooting your phone. To avoid updating, select one of the Root choices (we recommend Standard Root). We saw many problem messages after clicking Continue and then Confirm, but at least in our instance, our phone was correctly rooted!

Download My Cafe MOD APK v2022.13.0.2 (Unlimited Money)

Download (140MB)

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