Magic Rush Heroes ((Unlimited Money))

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App Name Magic Rush Heroes
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Size 32MB
Version 1.1.329
ID com.moonton.magicrush
MOD Info (Unlimited Money)

A game of action Download Magic Rush Heroes Mod Apk for Android was produced and published by Alex. In the game’s medieval fantasy world, the player controls a squad of four to fight enemies and forward the storyline.

Magic Rush

The game has a unique fighting system that blends tower defense and real-time strategic components. To succeed, players must strategically place their match on the battlefield and adequately control their powers.

Magic Rush

The game’s general tone is playful and enjoyable, and the visuals and animation are vibrant and appealing. However, as the game continues, the complexity considerably increases, making it both a demanding and enjoyable experience.

About the Magic Rush Heroes Mod Apk

Magic Rush Heroes Mod Apk is a fun and challenging android game that stands out from others in its category because of its intuitive controls and eye-catching visuals.

Magic Rush

There is enough stuff to keep you occupied, and the game is routinely updated with new challenges and events. I suggest giving the game a try if you’re seeking a new one to enjoy.

The gameplay is challenging and enjoyable, and the game’s plot is intriguing and original. Anyone seeking a new android game to enjoy should, without a doubt, check out this one—gratitude for reading.

Beast Game:

Summoning assaults

You may direct your Digimon to launch a powerful attack during combat. Try out a few episodes from various Digimon to find which suits you the best.

Choose “Attack” from the menu to direct your Digimon to attack, then select the appropriate attack. Opt to have your Digimon employ a lesser attack to save energy if you are unsure what each strike does.


You can decide to have your Digimon digit evolve into a more potent form once it reaches a particular level. I cannot stop this procedure.

Data Scan

You can scan opponents to discover their vulnerabilities and their damage tolerance. This data will be kept on your Digi-Divide and accessible whenever needed.

Gain From Your Partners

Each Digimon has particular skills and talents. In combat, make use of these to your advantage, and be sure to swap partners as necessary.

After each battle, your Digimon will need to recharge, so be sure to keep a check on their energy levels. If you exert too much pressure on them, they can tire out and lose the ability to fight.

Your Digimon will take care of you if you take good care of them. Thanks to your choice of Digimon as your partner, you can handle everything the Digital World throws at you.

To make your hero’s adventure even more epic

The game has been upgraded with brand-new features and gameplay enhancements. Choose a hero from more than 50 different varieties, each with a unique set of talents and powers, and then command them into conflict with formidable foes. Together with your colleagues, develop plans, erect barriers, and destroy your adversaries.

Download Magic Rush Heroes Mod Apk

IGG.COM is the game’s publisher, which is playable on iOS and Android phones and tablets. The game is also accessible online, and its plot centers on a long-running conflict between humanity and orcs. However, a strong match named Zarek changes the course of the battle one day by conjuring a squad of heroes from another planet to fight with him.

Magic Rush

You are responsible as the player to guide these heroes to victory over Zarek and his army. You must develop your base, train your troops, and then send them into combat in this real-time strategy game. To assist you, you will also need to investigate new technologies.

Download Magic Rush Heroes Mod APK v1.1.329 (Unlimited Money)

Download (32MB)

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