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Would you like to download GBWhatsApp APK? If you want to download the GB WhatsApp app for free, stay in this post, and downloading is also very simple, Above is the download button, through which you will also be able to download and install GB WhatsApp APK easily. In today’s article, we will share all the information related to it in this post.

Do you know WhatsApp was released on May 3, 2009? When deleted WhatsApp, people did not know what WhatsApp is; as it was When Brain Action and John Kom released WhatsApp, then a few days later, it started to be on the famous Android device.

WhatsApp social media is being used the most in the internet world; as you know, WhatsApp works only on a contact number if you have a mobile. You can test it through WhatsApp using video and audio calls and messages if you have a contact number.

But you know, official WhatsApp has all the features limits, which means the ability to send a file, such as in WhatsApp, if you share photos, you can barely send 50 or 100 photos, and you can send the size of the video to a very 10MB.

But if you use GB WhatsApp APK, you can send unlimited things like sending more than 200 simultaneous photos, increasing video size, and more than five numbers contact. You can send a message to them by selecting them together.

GB WhatsApp has been created by modifying an official WhatsApp; GB Whatsapp has been published; in this Whatsapp, you have posted many features, such as enabling dark mod inside WhatsApp. And the status can last up to 1 minute, plus you can make a video call group and make audio calls with more people, plus the privacy is very good, inside the GB WhatsApp application You can also set fingerprint and voice lock.

Why GBWhatsApp APK is Considered Better on Official WhatsApp

If you have used official WhatsApp, you will surely want to get the best information on the GBWhatsApp apk, and you will want to take advantage of all the best features on using it now. Let’s see some points of this GB Whatsapp.

  • Due to the official WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp is working very fast, giving very advanced features.
  • From the GB WhatsApp app install and last use, features are free.
  • Through this WhatsApp, you can show offline status to your friend or relatives in support even while online.
  • Using this WhatsApp, you can simultaneously message unlimited contact which are not on your connection.
  • Using GB WhatsApp, you get different options, such as chats, groups, status, and calls; other options will appear.
  • You can turn on Airplane mode so that whatever message comes from your WhatsApp, those messages will remain offline.
  • GB can easily call non-contacts using WhatsApp and can also chat on WhatsApp with them.

What is GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp apk is considered to be the best WhatsApp mod because there are fully added options in this Whatsapp, such as if you want to get a multi-account, then use this WhatsApp if you find it from the play store If you wish to, you will not find it on it, it will be downloaded only by GBWhatsApp through our website.

The best features have been added to the GB WhatsApp app, such as it is created by a third-party company, it can select different themes and use any piece without purchasing, and you can use multiplayer accounts. Can support, this is why WhatsApp is considered to be the best, and you can select it in the language of your choice and use it.

Using the GB WhatsApp application, you can send files larger than 50 MB in a very short time because it is a third-party application that keeps files on a fast server; that is why it is successful to send some quality photos or videos in a very short time.

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If you want to keep your Go pinta, then you must use GBWhatsApp because it has a lot of features, which also manage to hide the online status, you can also see the last time, hide messages, and You can also keep your online data safe, that’s why it has a lot of features.

Features of GBWhatsApp APK

If you have used the official WhatsApp application, you must use the GBWhatsapp apk because many features have been added. If you use it, you can use its many features for free. So I have also been using the GB Whatsapp apk for a long time, and you should also use it. If you want to get its latest features, you can read below.

Privacy and Security

This option is quite popular in GB WhatsApp; as you know from this option, privacy and security are very important in GB WhatsApp, and we will tell you about it further.

Hide Online Status

If you want to hide your status, that means you do not want to show your situation to your friend or contact person or want to show your group to a personal person only, then tick on the “Freeze last seen” option.


Do you want to turn the blue icon when talking like a blue tick or showing typing while typing or showing on sending voice recording, like hide blue ticks, hide blue second tick, hide blue microphone, hide typing …, hide recording, etc. By ticking the option, humans cannot get information about you by doing.


If you want to put this option in the group, then you will talk to the people of the group, then they also will not have the opportunity of typing or green-blue, if the tick is fixed, it means that they will not know even the last scene to the person.

If you talk to a person in the group over chat, that’s why you can set up the option below in the same way as mentioned above, meaning that you can set the group option in the same way.


If you make broadcasts and talk to people, you can select them either a blue tick or recording tick, or typing tick, then it will get all the way up because if you fix these options, then complete The votes will be hidden in this way. Then you can talk to them anytime, and they will not even know when you have messaged.

Who can call me?

In WhatsApp, as we have already told you, privacy is very safe, like if someone calls you on WhatsApp. If you permit him, only that person can contact you on WhatsApp. For example, in the GB WhatsApp application, there are options to make many calls.

Like “everyone,” if you select the everyone option, you can have everyone call. On choosing this, “my contact” will be able to call only your contact.

Selecting “my contact except” in the contact number that you choose, the same person will be able to call you, that means if you have a girlfriend, you can select it, then only your girlfriend will contact you. Otherwise, no one will.

If you want to turn off the option of calling everyone within the GB WhatsApp application, you have to select anyone; this is an option that no one can call you. So if you want to stop the permanent call, select the “nobody” option.

Anti-Delete Message

This is the most special option in GB WhatsApp apps, such as if you are talking to someone on chat and that person has a message with you or The video sends the image, and if it tries to delete immediately, then it will not be able to delete. Suppose you have an anti-delete message selected. Therefore, if you choose the entry delete message, you will not be able to delete any message.

Show blue ticks after the reply

If you select the option, that person will message you, then you will message him, and then he will message you again. Unless he replies, he will not be able to see the humans on Bluetooth. If you fix it, a blue tick will appear in your reply.


Do you want to install WhatsApp lock? If you’re going to install WhatsApp lock, then you must have three options to lock it. Such as fingerprints, pattern pins, and pin codes are given. You can set it according to your own; it has all the options to change the password and pattern; you can set it up as you like.


If you are fond of using GB WhatsApp, you must also want to use stickers because there is a lot of change in themes and sticker changes in today’s time. You have become very fond of it; it gives you very good options, such as adding a sticker of your choice and setting the theme of your choice too.



In this, you are given a check for updates option so that you can check the latest version and the version of your device is old, then you can visit our website and update to the newest version again.


If you want to change the theme, this option is very good for you; it has more than thousands of GB of WhatsApp themes published, and you like a piece. And select it and can also use it.

Home screen

This option is also very special inside the GB WhatsApp app, such as if you want to change the layout of your choice, you want to change the list of WhatsApp, set up the color, or completely WhatsApp costumes If you’re going to do this, then use this option and you can set up your favorite, complete WhatsApp.

Airplane Mode

If you have used any mobile, you must know that Airplane mode is a service. If you enable it, then all service is stopped. For example, if you enable Airplane mode in your GB WhatsApp, no message will come to your device until you stop it.

Theme Dark Mode

Although smartphones above 10,000 give the dark mod enabled option in today’s time, your phone is below the 10,000+ range or is an old phone. So your device will not have a dark mode option. So you can enable the Dark Mod option again using this GB Whatsapp, which will show your WhatsApp on a completely black background and is the best dark mod for an eye.

Restart WhatsApp

Like if GB has been using WhatsApp for more days or messages get more. GB Whatsapp is stuck repeatedly; you can restart it. That is, you can refresh on WhatsApp. If you click on Restart WhatsApp, your WhatsApp will be restored, meaning it will start working quickly.


This is the best option in WhatsApp because if you want to receive payment, set up Google UPI and set it through the vote. Set up your bank account and ATM card. Then you can transfer payment through WhatsApp to someone or take an amount from WhatsApp itself.

Note: It is worth noting that this GB WhatsApp is a mode version, so if you set this up for payment, then only you can take responsibility; otherwise, we have no responsibility. Please do not use this payment option because it is illegal as a model version. If you want to use the payment option, use WhatsApp from Play Store, and you can use its payment option. Do not use the payment option of this GB WhatsApp.

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp Apk

If you want to download GB WhatsApp APK, you can adopt our given processor, as you would know it is very easy to download all applications or games on our website because the download button appears on the top. You can follow our method below if you do not know how to download it.

App NameGBWhatsApp
File Size47MB
  • There is a button to download GB WhatsApp app on the top or bottom, click on it.
  • When you click on it, it will redirect you to another. Then clicking on the second page will automatically download when turned to the third page.
  • When GB Whatsapp is downloaded, you must go to the smartphone settings and enable unknown sources to install it.
  • Now you click on the apk file, click on the install button, wait for some time, and click on Open.
  • Now you open WhatsApp, add your mobile number, and login into the account.
  • Now you can use the GB WhatsApp app for free, you can use all its options only. Now you can talk to someone and hide your details.


GBWhatsapp APK is trending on such a trend, which must be a question in everyone’s mind because, today, the app is modifying some systems one by one. So that GB Whatsapp sometimes stops working. Therefore, some questions come to people’s minds, and to find answers to those questions, roam the website. That is why we have answered some questions related to the app; you can see them.

Is it informed to use GB WhatsApp?

Yes, friends, GB WhatsApp is safe to use. You don’t have to worry when you use the GBWhatsapp app and it sometimes stops working. You can come back and update again.

Can it have these changes?

If you are very fond of changing the theme, you can also change the unlimited theme inside this GB WhatsApp. They can change the theme change by selecting one of them.

Is GBWhatsapp banned in another country?

Gb is a third-party application; upon installation, it has to go to Settings and get full permission from unknown sources; only then is it installed. But it is heard in some countries that it cannot install because it is banned late.

Suppose he has banned GB WhatsApp in the country. So you can do VPN Whatsapp. If jio Whatsapp is not working on your phone, then update again.

Does GB support WhatsApp Auto Answer?

You will not get time to talk to anyone if you are very busy in this life. So use this GB Whatsapp and select the auto-reply option. So that you can choose it at any time and at that time will send your message automatically. This means that it will be online for 24 hours, and if any transmission is sent on the device, the auto-reply will reach it.


Social media is quite popular in the Internet era, so WhatsApp APK is the most popular in social media, so WhatsApp has imitation options. GB is the WhatsApp app, which has unlimited features. If you want to use this GB WhatsApp app, you can download it. You can leave it and comment on us if there is a problem in Gbwa.

Download GBWhatsApp (Anti-ban) 2022

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