Bubble Level Pro (Premium Unlocked)

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App Name Bubble Level Pro
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Size 33MB
Version 2.08
ID net.androgames.level.pro
MOD Info Premium Unlocked

A Bubble Level Tool MOD APK is one of those apps that never really leaves your home screen. From hanging picture frames to setting up furniture, it’s always handy to have a bubble level on hand when doing anything involving building something or setting it up just right. And if you ever move and need to set up new shelves for your TV stand, you’ll be happy there’s an easy-to-use bubble level available in your phone so you can get everything straight.

Bubble Level - Level Tool MOD APK

The best bubble-level app for Android comes from MOD APK. This is an entirely free application but does offer a premium version. The main benefit to paying for the game is that you don’t have ads that interrupt your app experience, but otherwise you get all of these features even if you’re using it for free: full-screen display, automatic leveling system, material design UI, and an in-built bubble guide.

What does Bubble Level Tool MOD APK

The Bubble Level Tool MOD APK improves level drawing and taking. This level tool quickly sets up a compass, spirit level, or plumb line. Digital angle gauge, bubble level, and circle protractor. Bubble leveler, spirit level, plumb bob, and alignment lines help geocachers identify true north.

Bubble Level - Level Tool MOD APK

The leveler can act as a leveling tool, plumb bob, or magnetic compass, offering more stability and accuracy. Its circle protractor mode provides arc measurements to 1/4 degree error over 180 degrees. The bubble leveler also offers digitally accurate north readings for geocaching purposes.

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In addition to its game, spirit level, and plumb bob modes, it also provides alignment lines for easier leveling of pictures, objects, or structures. With easy step-by-step instructions in both video and written format on screen, you can easily find true north using a geocaching compass. What’s more, you can set up your device so that it always points toward magnetic north whenever you pick it up. Now you can take out your phone to find true north anytime!

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Download (33MB)

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