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App Name Bowmasters
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Version 2.15.28
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MOD Info Unlimited Money

Bowmasters Mod Apk is an action game that puts you in the shoes of one of the three available characters They are the Archer Huntress and the Elven Princess Each has unique abilities that they can use to help them in their quest to get through levels and defeat enemies I’m going to start by discussing the Archer.

Bowmasters MOD APK

The Archer starts with 20 arrows which will eventually be upgraded to 30 hands as the player progresses through each level The primary attack for this character is shooting an arrow at enemies or obstacles which causes moderate damage and knockback With enough hands it’s possible to ricochet an indicator off two surfaces before hitting your target if done correctly.

About the Bowmasters MOD APK

The game has four modes that the computer or another person may play. It has a single-player version with several challenges, gameplay options, and an infinite runner mode. New weapons, including rifles, swords, and axes, were introduced to the game. New power-ups include a shield that blocks one missile and a magnet that attracts money.

Bowmasters MOD APK

Unlike in its predecessor in the game, it is possible to play as both male and female characters with each of them having unique skills Players have access to four special powers including a shield that protects you from one projectile attack magnet that attracts coins toward your slo-mo for slowing down time and an ax power-up that lets you throw axes at your opponents You can unlock more powers by earning achievements and they become available every two levels.

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If a player gets hit by an opponent’s attack they will lose ten health points (HP) The HP of the first-place character on the screen is always 100 HP This allows other players to see how much health they have left when attacking them When all HP points are lost the character dies and their run ends this means that the current level cannot be completed until revived with five apples which cost $0.99 per purchase.!

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Download (125MB)

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