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App Name Battleground Mobile
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Version 2.1.0
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Download Battleground Mobile India apk has been eagerly anticipated in India for months, and it appears that all of our wishes have been granted as the software has now been released.

The game Apk makes its way back after the preliminary ban of the game PUBG Mobile on September 2nd, 2020 over privacy and facts concerning the Indian government.

After 9 months, the game beta version was officially released for early access to those Android users who pre-registered for the game on the google play store and it crossed over 5 million downloads in 24 hours.

This game provides an exclusive experience with massive action making it exciting for all users. The newly released game allows users to transfer their data from PUBG mobile through social media handles connected with the previous game.


 It is confirmed that the size of the app is 720Mb. The gameplay is now less violent and there is also a warning to play in moderation and responsibly. The game is brought by Krafton company which ensures more security. While the new state is a fresh take on the battle royale, it’s impossible to lose sight of what makes the experience of BGMI so unique.

In this article, we will learn about an app that is most popular among gamers because it is a gaming app: the game. This article will clear your every query about this Indian gaming app. The most important thing is that this application is made in India so you can replace your international gaming application with this Indian gaming app.

We already know about the most popular gaming app PUBG and Indian people are crazy about that gaming application. So, we can say that this app is an updated and advanced Indian version of PUBG.

About the Battleground Mobile India Apk

Battleground mobile India Apk is a gaming app we read about in the previous paragraph. This software draws many gamers interested in quick gaming visuals. Indian app Battleground has outstanding game visuals.

You can design your graphical place in this game and use that in the game. If you want to install this tremendous Indian application on your smartphone then you need to free 731 MB of space and you use can say that this app takes less space than other gaming apps.

You can say that BMIA is an updated version of PUBG but this gaming app will provide you with more than that. Many people find lots of glitches while installing this app because if your android smartphone has not had enough space then you cannot install this app.

Once you install this app, you will experience significant and smooth graphics and playing. When you try to install this app then you have to give access permission to this game, if you want to install this app then it is a necessary part.

Battleground Mobile India APK Download

This gaming application is also accessed with the help of your old username and e-mail ID which means you easy access this Battleground mobile India APK Download if you don’t have any ID or username then you can create a new ID on the gaming app. Some people think this app is not suitable for their data security, but for those people, I’m informing you that this gaming is best for their data security.

Downloading Battleground Mobile on PC is relatively easy and can be done using the following steps

STEP 1: First, click on the Bluestatcks link and hit download.

STEP 2: Once downloaded, the emulator needs to be installed on your device

STEP 3: Once the 470Mb Bluestacks file is installed, go to Playstore

STEP 4: Search for the game and click on install

STEP 5: Once the game has been launched on your PC, a 700Mb additional file needs to be downloaded

STEP 6: The last step is to log in to your account using Twitter or Facebook to use the same account they used for PUBG

What is Battleground Mobile India Mod APK

Battleground mobile India Mod Apk is the version of PUBG mobile meant for residents or people living in India. It has the same weapons, maps, and movements as PUBG mobile but a few changes including the age restriction.

 Anyone under 18 is only allowed to play for a limited amount of time as to how long you can be logged in. You can either play this game as a team or fight for survival with 60 other players and it has built-in voice chat.

 Team up and compete with each other to become the last survivor on a remote island of 8×8 kilometers. Jump from a plane to a vast multiplayer PvP arena, able to play on the ground and underground.

Control ships and airplanes, explore the world, or attack the enemy from land, sea, and air. Use weapons to shoot and throw grenades and creative combat tactics to destroy the enemy.

What is OBB File and How can you Download Battleground Mobile India Apk

Most people have queries that Battleground mobile India APK is available for android phones or not. If you want to get a great experience with this app then you can play this game on a PC or laptop, you can find great graphics and a smooth playing experience but if you want to play this gaming app anywhere any time without any time boundary then you can play this game on your android smartphone.

File Size693MB

If you have a good phone internet connection then you can play this app any time and if you play this game without any time boundary then you can cross lots of levels of this game.

Most people like to play this app on a smartphone since, on a smartphone, you can take your gameplay anywhere. Because of this gaming app, your phone may get hung; if you don’t want to hang your smartphone, you have to give enough space to your application.

  • Download Battleground Mobile PUBG OBB File
  •  Enable the “Install from Unknown Source” option
  • Install the downloaded APK file, but don’t open it
  • First, rename the OOB file to “ immobile”
  • Paste this renamed OOB file in the directory: Android>OBB>com. Mobilebile
  • If the”” folder doesn’t exist then create a new one with this name

Battleground Mobile India APK Download

The easiest way to download the Battleground Mobile India APK is using Android.

STEP 1: Use Krafton’s official Twitter account to open the Google Play link provided by Krafton. Android users can easily click on the link.

STEP 2: Accept the invitation to visit Battlegrounds Mobile India in advance. After accepting the invitation, the user can join the game as needed.

STEP 3:  If it has already been downloaded to your device, you can download the game from Google Play.

STEP 4: After downloading the game, the system will prompt the user to log in to the game using their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

STEP 5:  Users must log in with the same account they use for PUBG Mobile to receive in-store purchases and in-game inventory.


You can freely use the BGMI VS PUBG app since it will not affect your data and give you better performance than another gaming app.

We also call this app BGMIA. The BGMIA gaming app download link is out, you can find the link on the internet, and you can easily install this gaming application from the internet.

Before installing this application, you need to care about some necessary things, like your smartphone having enough space to install this fantastic app on your smartphone easily.

So, the pre-registration for this interesting gaming app started the previous month. If you are still now installing this app, then you are late. There are already a lot of people wanted for this app.


The BGMI Game download link?

The link used for downloading the game is PUBG Mobile India. The link used for downloading PUBG Mobile for Android users is PUBG Mobile India   

Does are there any other app version available of BMIA which takes less space in a smartphone?

 If you use this game application, you have to update it according to its new version, but there is nothing like another version of this gaming app.

When was battleground Mobile launched in India?

A Game was launched on the 17th of June 2021 for android users in the beta version it has not been launched officially for all android users. If you use this game application then you have to update this gaming application according to its new version but there is nothing like another app version of this gaming app

PUBG Mobile India beta version?

The creator of the app Krafton has given PUBG Mobile fans an early experience of Battlegrounds Mobile India, and players in India can now use it in the Google Play store.

 The Battlegrounds Mobile India beta version started on June 17 and has been downloaded 5 million times.

According to Krafton, the developer of Battle Royale, two days later. Developers reward players who help them achieve this goal.

Players can check the game emails to get rewards for the mobile version of Battlefield India for 5 million downloads. After the download reaches 10 million, players will receive the Constable package.

When was PUBG launched in India?

PUBG was first launched in India on 23rd March 2017 but was later banned due to privacy concerns on September 2nd, 2021.

Does this application is secure for my necessary data?  

 You are freely able to use this gaming application. So, if you want to use this gaming application then you can install this app without any data security fear. Some news media agency says that BGMI (Battleground mobile India) data is connected to a Chinese server and all users’ information is being sent indirectly to the China service.

Last Thought

The battleground mobile India APK article will provide information about BIMA, an Indian gaming app. You will find out that this application is uniquely designed and you will experience fast and smooth graphic design.

If you guys want to set this gaming application on your smartphone then you have to clear 731 MB of space in your smartphone or PC or where you can install this app. This application is not useable by only Indians, in other countries people are also able to use this app.

Most people want to play this game on a smartphone but if you’re going to take a great experience with this game then you can play this app on your PC.

You will get more features in this game so install this gaming application and play your game which makes you a warrior.

Since many people considered PUBG violent and inappropriate, battlefield mobile has simultaneously kept the app healthy and exciting.

With the battles in this new app, it’s time to regain those memories, play with friends and have a chicken dinner to celebrate, so fasten your seat belt, Vehicle Advantage is everything you need to rule the battlefield.

Download Battleground Mobile India APK v2.3 (MOD, Unlimited UC)

Download (Varies with device)

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